North East – The Unexplored Jewels In India’s Treasure Box

The North East region of India has always been one of the most unexplored places in India. Be it the lack of promotion or lesser awareness about the beauty the place holds, the tourist footfall has never been what it should be. However the Kolkata travels agents are vigorously promoting the place and here are some reasons why you should visit the place.


Shilloi Lake

Lets us start with Nagaland where the Shilloi Lake which is situated in the town of Phek steals the show. While the water body is in the middle, it is surrounded by glorious mountains on all sides. The Japfu Peak is the highest peak of Nagaland and the place of choice for the adventurous trekkers.

Arunachal Pradesh

Gorichen Peak

Next comes the second sister i.e. Arunachal Pradesh. Gorichen peak is the highlight of the state with its 6500 mt height. Just take some effort to climb up to the top and the view you get will be mesmerizing. The state also has many passes and the stand out among them is the Sela Pass that is at a height of 13,000 feet.


Rumtek Monastery

Sikkim is a place of beauty in one line. A must visit is Gurudongmar Lake which is one of the highest lakes in the world. You will see a frozen lake in winter and the rippling waters in summer. You can also catch a view of Kanchenjunga from the lake. Rumtek Monastery is a place resplendent with spirituality. A Tibetan monastery of the highest order, it was built in the 16th century.


Talatal Ghar

When in Assam, skip the ordinary and go for Majuli, which is the largest river island in the world and make a trip there to imbibe the pure Assamese culture. Other than that, Talatal Ghar, which is a part of the Ahom architecture must be visited. It is a irregular shaped palace dating from the 18th century.


Ujjayanta Palace

Tripura is the place of pure royalty and the two palaces to visit are Ujjayanta Palace and Neermahal. Other than that, there is Unakoti Hills which is a centuries old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.


The view one gets from Mawkdok Dympep Valley is truly spectacular and ethereal. Other than that, you must visit Kyllang Rock and Mawlynnong whch is the cleanest village in Asia.

Mawkdok Dympep Valley

While these are the landmark places to visit in North East, Mizoram and Manipur are equally vibrant, exotic and a place where beauty meets austerity. In Mizoram you can see the Vantawang Falls, Phawngpui Hills and Manipur has Loktak Lake, Singda Dam, Thalon Cave and many other places which not visiting is a great miss.



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