Rann of Kutch Festival: A Spectacular Event to Watch

Rann of Kutch festival, the kaleidoscope of music, dance and much more on the pristine beauty of white Rann under the full moon is something a connoisseur will treasure forever. This festival offers some enchanting moments that feel like heaven on earth, a perfect family vacation to capture few truly mesmerizing ‘Kodak moments’. The 45 days long Rann festival is going to commence from 1st November and will last till 20th February. If you want to experience the phenomena book your customized trip package with best travel agents in India such as Vinayaka Holidays and enjoy.

What Are on The Cards

There are plenty of things to do during Rann festival in Kutch such as ATV ride, Camel cart excursion, Para-motoring, enjoying Gujarati culture and cuisine etc. The distinguishing folk dances and music, intricate art and crafts, open minded local people with the abundance of embroidery, bandhni saris, ornaments and mirror work are specialties of Kutch.

The High Profile Festival

During 2005 the Rann Utsav, festival of Rann started with much uproar and promotion through creative campaign and inventive measures. The very salt desert that was the source of anxiety and fear gradually became a major tourist spot from this time onwards. Previously this apparently deserted land was well known for its wild ass sanctuary and flamingos but with the emerging festivity Rann is now considered as the mirror of Kutch region as well as Gujarat.

Rann of Kutch has its own quirky beauty especially in winter time because when the sea is retreated it leaves behind a vast spread of dried crystals that shine like diamonds under moonlight. The heavenly beauty along with magical experience gave this ‘Rann utsav’ a specific look to savor for a life time.

Prioritizing The Backward Region

The Rann festival provided a huge scope of development to this otherwise backward region with its exquisite arts, crafts, folk music, dance and unique architecture. The festival offered a super developed tourism opportunity to this particular place as well as a chance to the local inhabitants to showcase their talents. The exquisite Gujarati folk culture and crafts got a rare opening to mature and expand.

Your adventurous avatar that always thrives for more excitements will create a full circle with the visit of Rann of Kutch festival. We often tend to visit out of the country to witness some phenomena, this time why not visit Gujarat’s Kutch region to deponent this spectacular event and cherish a lifetime experience?

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